Steve Bayner

The Steve Bayner Hypnotist Show is one of the most sought after, successful shows of its kind. Each year, Steve performs before millions of people. Venues include fairs, corporate events, conventions, colleges, casinos and innumerable special events. His show has been performed all over the United States as well as abroad. Steve’s talents have been featured on television, radio and in newspapers and magazines. Additionally, he’s been the star on his own cable television show.

His combination of wit, stage presence and charisma are only a few of the reasons for the show’s success. Steve’s crowds are standing-room-only. Wherever he goes, he always leaves them laughing and wanting more.

Audience participation is key to each show’s success. Selected audience members become the stars of the show. The remaining viewing audience is captivated by the newly developed stage show filled with impromptu reactions, and revealed, hilarious talents. New shows often attract many returning audience members who anticipate a new and different display of fun with new audience stars. They are never disappointed! Each show has its own personality and humor, reflecting the uniqueness of the individuals in the audience.