One World Taiko

One World Taiko is a professional Japanese drum ensemble
that incorporates dynamic movement,lyrical melodies and 
rhythmic grooves with heart pounding percussion.

The music is drawn from Japan’s ancient tradition of lively festival drumming
and One World Taiko’s own creative rhythms, arrangements and choreography, adding a modern spirit to the ancient tradition of taiko. Their repertoire includes traditional pieces, which were taught to them by the world-renowned groups Kodo and Ondekoza from Japan, and their own original compositions infused with contemporary rhythms from their love of jazz and world music. They perform on traditional Japanese drum such as odaiko (large drum), chudaiko (medium sized drum), shimedaiko (small, rope-tied drum) and incorporate the shinobue (bamboo flute) and shamisen (3-stringed banjo like instrument).

The group is available for concerts, festivals,
special events, corporate celebrations, conventions,
college performances/lectures/demonstrations 
and school assemblies and workshops.