Linda Severt

Master of an astonishing range of musical instruments and theatrical techniques, Linda Severt dazzles eyes and ears, fusing music, circus arts, and puppetry into unique solo performances. Somewhere between Music Concert, Circus, and Vaudeville, Linda doesn’t just play songs — she turns everyday objects and musical instruments into whimsical props and characters, weaving them into hilarious routines with refreshing originality.

After twenty-something years of touring and performing, including seven years with New York’s Big Apple Circus Clown Care (which was recently featured on PBS), Linda Severt has become one of the region’s top physical comedy performers. In addition, she is a nationally recognized, award-winning songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

From Hong Kong to Winnipeg to Key West, Linda has enthralled countless thousands with her vibrant, family-oriented performance blend for over 20 years. One of Linda’s many strengths is that her shows appeal to a wide range of ages, not just young children.

”It seems as though several performers are on stage. Never too over the top to be enjoyed by adults as well.”
— Seattle’s Child Magazine