Don Bryan & Noseworthy

Don is widely acclaimed as one of the world’s top ventriloquists. He is recognized as a leading expert in the art of creating and carving ventriloquist puppets.

Don hails from Newport, Wales and now makes his home with his family in Vancouver Canada. He one of the most gifted and innovative ventriloquists to walk the stage since Peter Brough with Archie Andrews, in the UK and Edgar Bergen with Charlie MacCarthy in North America.
In the more than three decades of performing he has appeared on national television in Canada and the United States. Working as regular performer on the fairs circuit in north America he continues to draw large crowds of all ages. He is a very popular variety performer on the cruise circuit with appearances on all the major cruise lines in the industry.

His innovative style and flawless timing have made Don a leading performer in the field. Using remote systems to activate his characters, they appear to come alive unexpectedly during the performance, which is both startling and very funny. Working with the audience he brings them into the show resulting in humorous situations resulting in gales of laughter from the crowd.