Steve the Pretty Good

Presenting comedy magic that is always fresh, original, clean and hilarious! The venue can be a theater stage, gym floor, in a banquet room or on the fairgrounds, we tailor the show to be a perfect fit for you and the audience.

Performances Include

Alaska State fair, California Fairs: L A County, Porterville, Salinas Valley Indiana; Porter County Maryland; Harford Co. North Carolina: Columbus Co. Oregon Fairs; Jackson, Coos, Washington, Dechutes, Benton, Washington Fairs; Western Washington Fair (Puyallup), Grays, Harbor, Key Peninsula, Benton-Franklin, Kittitas, Northwest Washington (Lynden), Okanogan, Columbia, Evergreen State Fair, Clallum, Pacific, Island Co. Canada; Capital EX China; Kim Tom Festival, Shanghai…

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