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Clay Martin's Puppet Theater    Puppets:
Clay Martin's puppet theater has been delighting audiences across the country for over ten years with the 1,000 year old art of hand puppetry. We are now offering schools and libraries three different programs. Each show can be accompanied by a short lecture-demonstration of the history, construction, and use of the four basic types of puppets (hand, rod, shadow theater, and marionettes) for a 45 minute presentation.

Will perform at: Corporate, Private Party, School (K-6)
  James the Puppeteer    Puppets:
James the Puppeteer possesses over 14 years experience in the puppetry arts. He performs at venues ranging from private parties to fairs to Las Vegas showrooms. James is a master at his craft and has shows geared toward children and adults alike.

Will perform at: Corporate, fair, Festival
Puppets & Players Little Theatre    Puppets: Marionettes
The Puppets & Players Little Theatre is a professional marionette theatre dedicated to providing the highest quality family entertainment, performing for fairs, festivals, parties, schools, and special events. Based out of California, The Puppets & Players Little Theatre is a totally self-contained marionette theatre on wheels-college with stage, sets, lighting, and sound.

Will perform at: Fair, Festival, School (K-6)
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