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Cannon Lion of Judah    Music - Reggae:
As a dynamic artist of Roots Reggae Music, Cannon is an innovative, creative force. Cannon and Lion of Judah have inspired audiences and shared the stage with such international Reggae talents as The Wailers, Jimmy Cliff, Yellowman, and many more! Remember your joys…throw away your sorrows, and dance your way to Jah!

Will perform at: College, Festival, Private Party
Kalass    Music - Reggae:
Kalass is lead by Chadian guitar player and composer, Ganga Clamoungou. Their sound is influenced by contemporary African and Caribbean rhythms as well as the rich funk, R & B and jazz traditions of America. Instrumentally unconventional, Kalass includes the steel drum and African balafon in an otherwise electric band.

Will perform at: Corporate, Wedding
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