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Duwamish Dixieland Jazz    Music - Dixieland Jazz:
The Duwamish Dixieland Jazz Band consists of seven talented musicians who play multiple instruments. They feature vocals, skits, comedy, great costumes and frequently spotlight charleston dancers. The group is musical, talented and fun. They perform in a variety of venues and styles - as a full band or as strolling musicians.

Will perform at: Corporate, Festival, Private Party, Wedding
  Fabulous Roadstars    Music - Dixieland Jazz:
This Band is an experience in American music from the ragtime music and marches of the late 1890s to Traditional Jazz from the land of Dixie. The band is comfortable performing everything from the authentic music made famous by such early jazz luminaries as Bix Beiderbecke, Sidney Beehet, Jelly Roll Morton and the inimitable Louis Armstrong to hits by the giants of swing such as Benny Goodman, Glen Miller and Woody Herman.

Will perform at: Festival
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