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Beatniks    Music - 50's - 90's: 60's - 70's - 80's
The Beatnik history can be traced back to the steamy coffee shops and poetry dens of Soho, in New York's Greenwich Village. Today, the Beatnik legacy lives on in four young men who adhere to the ideology that music is more than a mere background for our lives. They perform the music of the 60's & 70's (and 80's, too) with an energy and passion that you won't find anywhere else.

Will perform at: College, Corporate, Fair, Private Party, Wedding
Bobby Medina    Music - 50's - 90's:
Former Ray Charles trumpeter Bobby Medina entertains for thousands each year in America and abroad. He has performed for many Fortune 500 companies and maintains one of the busiest entertainment schedules in the Northwest.

Will perform at: College, Festival, Private Party, Wedding
Cool-Ade    Music - 50's - 90's: 70's, 80's, 90's
Coolade is Seattle's hottest new dance and party band! Coolade brings you a review of the decades with costumes and the choreography of the times. With exceptional musicianship and lush vocals, Coolade plays the best disco hits of the 70's, the retro fun of the 80's, and the power party tunes the 90's.

Will perform at: Corporate
Gruvbox    Music - 50's - 90's: 70's, 80's
Gruvbox has established the ultimate combination of everyone's favorite'70s, '80s, '90s and 2K Dance Hits: from the high steppin' hits of the Bar Kays, Kool and The Gang, Sister Sledge and KC & The Sunshine Band, to the kitschy show tunes of Donna Summer and Gloria Gaynor, to the the sultry, contemporary rhythms of more Artists like En Vogue, TLC, Janet Jackson, Bobbi Brown, J-Lo and Next...

Will perform at: Corporate, Private Party, Wedding
Hit Explosion    Music - 50's - 90's: 70's
Hit Explosion performs 70's disco and funk dance classics, combining exceptional musicianship with exciting visual presentations. The group sets itself apart by its diverse and talented lineup, allowing for impressive reproductions of the original 70's hits. This ensemble possesses a rare on-stage chemistry that creates strong presence and gives this group the "special something" which captures the attention of the audience for the entire performance.

Will perform at: College, Corporate, Festival, Private Party, Wedding
Jonny 5    Music - 50's - 90's: 60's - today
Playing hits from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and today, you'll experience the Rock n 'Roll and Funk of these eras as they should be. This funk-full 9 member band includes vivacious, vivid female and male vocalists and even a sizzling horn section.

Will perform at: Corporate
Mr. Miyagi    Music - 50's - 90's: 80's & 90's
You Bet they Rock! Making a name with powerful voices, a rich blend of guitar and keys, a versatile rhythm section, humor and no fear. This not-so-typical cover band lives to satisfy the crowd. You'll find unique qualities in Mister Miyagi - wide vocal range and varied musical styles, not to mention that the band is totally live, with no recorded tracks. Mister Miyagi delivers the energy of a fully live music experience.

Will perform at: Corporate, Festival, Private Party, Wedding
The Retros    Music - 50's - 90's: 80's
“This quintet of talented musicians plays all the dance and new wave hits of the 80’s and shamelessly makes it fun, and even invigorating, to relive the music of our not-so-distant past. This band not only dresses in matching outfits (some that look like a checkerboard Vans shoe, others in dapper ‘80s style) but they also choreograph dance moves and play to appreciative audiences.

Will perform at: Corporate, Festival, Private Party
Wunderbread    Music - 50's - 90's:
The show consists of six musicians featuring a three-piece horn section. With non-stop sets, multiple costume changes, choreographed moves and wireless microphones for crowd interaction; the energy coming off the stage leaves nobody out of the party. The band has also added two professional dancing girls to bring it completely over the top.

Will perform at: Corporate, Fair, Festival, Private Party
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