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Bill Robison    Mime:
Bill Robison provides a unique and masterful blend of physical comedy, mimic and clowning. He is a favorite at top 50 fairs across the United States! His improvisational "Living Caricatures" of unsuspecting passersby is hilarious strolling or pre-grandstand entertainment which has been a highly successful opener for acts such as Bill Cosby, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Willie Nelson, Tony Bennett, name a few. With little more than his whistle, body and a few assorted props, he transports us to a boundless world of the zany and unpredictable.

Will perform at: Fair, Festival
Mario Lorenz    Mime:
Mario Lorenz has delighted and entertained audiences all over the United States and Canada. He is the one and the only Groucho look-alike who combines pantomime, comic improvisation and one liners, to elevate the room in a clean and comical way. His one man show is a pure delight.

Will perform at: Corporate, Fair, Festival, Private Party
The Living Doll - Sharon Hallingdal    Mime:
Sharon Hallingdal has confounded audiences of all ages as the strolling "Living Doll" at Fairs, Parties and Conventions throughout the United States and Canada. Audiences of all ages are fascinated by her "hydraulic like" motions, and delighted by the humorous situations that spontaneously arise when they find themselves interacting with a real live robot!

Will perform at: Corporate, Fair, Festival
Won Israel    Mime:
Won-Physical Comedian. Over the past 15 years, his routines have brought smiles and tears of laughter to audiences around the world. With considerable audience involvement and seemingly impossible physical illusions, Won's show is nonstop action--full of costume changes, precise movements and sound effects! He disappears down staircases, elevators and escalators without warning. His Gunslinger, Motorcycle Daredevil and Karate character sketches bring crowds to fits of laughter.

Will perform at: College, Corporate, Fair, Festival, Private Party
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