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Albert Lucas    Juggler:
World Record Holder, Albert Lucas, is the only man in history to juggle 12 rings simultaneously. Since 1984 Albert has set or tied 14 world records. Albert often performs his entire show on ice skates.

Will perform at: Sporting
Bob Bailey III    Juggler:
Bob Bailey III - headliner. He holds the title for "Showtime's" Funniest Person from Washington State." Bob has opened for Jay Leno, Pat Paulsen, and Jerry Seinfeld. He has appeared everywhere from ship lines to the National Democratic Convention.

Will perform at: Corporate, Fair, Festival, Private Party
Charlie Brown    Juggler:
Featured in Broadway hit "Sugar Babies" with Carol Lawrence and Rip Taylor at Harrah's in South Lake Tahoe! Charlie earned the reputation as one of the best cigar box jugglers in the world, he is also admired everywhere for his lightning fast top hat manipulation. From his blazing torch juggling entrance to his machete tossing double high Rola Bola finale Charlie is prized by producers and organizers the world over.

Will perform at: Corporate, Fair, Festival, Private Party
Dana Smith    Juggler:
Dana Smith's show blends juggling, original awe-inspiring acrobatics and even an occasional song played on the ukulele. Polished, sometimes subtle and seemingly improvised comedy evokes giggles from even the most mature and sophisticated audiences.

Will perform at: Fair, Festival, Private Party
Greg Bennick    Juggler:
Greg Bennick's show combines juggling, comedy and unicycling with audience participation. Fire juggling and fire eating are available on request. This show is perfect for audiences of all ages!

Will perform at: College, Corporate, Fair, Festival, Private Party, School (7-12), School (K-6)
Henrik Bothe    Juggler:
Born in Denmark, Henrik Bothe took a turn from the road to becoming an engineer an strayed down the performing lane in 1980. He now engineers clever and unusual ways of entertaining audiences all over the world. Audiences can't believe their eyes when Henrik, escaping a straight jacket while riding a unicycle, pickpockets his audience volunteers. Unusual, funny, and original, Henrik's show covers almost every combination of skill--including balancing atop an eight foot free standing ladder!

Will perform at: Corporate, Fair, Festival, Private Party
John Park    Juggler:
Jonathan Park has made audiences laugh all over the world, from the stages of Las Vegas to the sands of Saudi Arabia. Among his numerous juggling talents, Jonathan Park is famous for performing the rare and unique cups and saucers feat. The envy of waiters around the world, Jonathan kicks pieces of crockery onto his head one by one until he has balanced a stack nine high!

Will perform at: Corporate
Juggler Bob    Juggler:
For more than thirty years, Juggler Bob has entertained audiences internationally. Getting an early start as a young boy, Bob loved performing magic for friends and neighbors. He then took a course in juggling and it has led him into a remarkable career.

Will perform at: Corporate, Fair, Festival, Private Party
Raspyni Brothers    Juggler: Duo
From television programs such as The Tonight Show and a Command Performance for the President, to corporate shows all over America, the Raspyni Brothers juggle humor and skill in a perfectly balanced entertainment package.

Will perform at: College, Corporate
Rhys Thomas, JuggleMania    Juggler:
Since 1987, audiences on three continents have applauded Rhys Thomas's hilarious "JuggleMania" show. Charmingly charismatic, absurdly versatile, and intelligently witty, Rhys combines the fast-paced world of stand-up comedy with the dexterous feats of the circus to create performances that have proven infallible in a wide variety of venues

Will perform at: College, Corporate, Fair, Festival
Roberto the Magnificent    Juggler:
Roberto the Magnificent, Comedy Juggling and Crazy Stunts! Roberto has been performing for 25 years and has worked in 42 of the 50 states. He has provided entertainment for fairs, schools, colleges, corporate functions and sporting events.

Will perform at: College, Corporate, Fair, Festival, Private Party, School (7-12), School (K-6), Sporting
Sean Emery    Juggler:
More than 250 shows a year for more than 20 years -- and each one uniquely tailored to the audience it was presented to! Born in Ireland, he's the world's tallest leprechaun. He grew up under the Big Top of Ringling Bros., Barnum and Bailey and he honed his skills in the streets and on the stages of New York City.

Will perform at: Corporate, Fair, Festival
The Flying Karamazov Brothers    Juggler:
The Flying Karamazov Brothers have been 'in the biz' since 1973, performing everywhere, from their early days on the streets of San Francisco (the actual streets, not the TV show) to more recent appearances on Broadway; they have trod the stages of the most prestigious theatres in the English-speaking World, from Singapore to Scotland; they've toured through every state in the Union; and the've traversed silver screens, both large and small.

Will perform at: Corporate, Festival
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