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Geoffery Ronning    Hypnotist:
Your audience will laugh endlessly and applaud wildly during Geoffrey Ronnings comedy hypnosis show. Geoffrey uses audience members' talents and abilities to create the most amazing and entertaining show on Earth!

Will perform at: College, Corporate, Private Party, School (7-12)
Hypnomania    Hypnotist:
HYPNOMANIA is enjoyed by over 8 million people every year. Each performance by Travis Fox is so unique that audiences return with their friends show after show, resulting in dramatic increases in attendance figures. Audiences are literally entranced by the mesmerizing personality and natural showmanship of Travis. His stage show, corporate performances, seminars and television appearances have been well received by audiences and fans all over North America. "The most fun you'll ever have in your Sleep!"

Will perform at: College, Corporate, Fair, Festival, Private Party, School (7-12)
Jerry Harris    Hypnotist:
Jerry Harris is the most talented and sought after hypnotists in the country today. Having a dynamic personality combined with a mesmerizing voice he will quickly and easily induce an altered state of consciousness. In a matter of minutes your audience will be amazed and delighted when they witness a group of volunteers enter this unbelievable phenomenon called hypnosis. Jerry is a polished entertainer, an informative educator and a dynamic speaker!

Will perform at: College, Corporate, Fair, Private Party, School (7-12)
Terry Stokes    Hypnotist:
Terry Stokes has become the premier stage hypnotist of our time. Unlike any other hypnotist, his sound effects, charisma, and material as current as the evening news make "The Terry Stokes Show" the most unforgettable entertainment experience available.

Will perform at: Corporate, Fair, Festival
The Steve Bayner Show, Inc.    Hypnotist:
The Steve Bayner Hypnotist Show is one of the most sought after, successful shows of its kind. Steve performs before millions of people each year around the globe!

Will perform at: College, Corporate, Fair
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