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Brad Upton    Comedian:
Since he first stepped on stage in Seattle in 1984, comedian Brad Upton has performed over 3,000 times without ever missing a show. At one time, while headlining comedy clubs across the nation, Brad traveled as much as 35 weeks a year and was logging up to 70,000 miles a year in the air. It is no wonder that he has turned into Seattle's strongest headliner. This former fourth grade teacher and University of Washington track and field coach has appeared on A&E's "An Evening at the Improv" and "Comedy on the Road," MTV's "Half Hour Comedy Hour" and Showtime's "Comedy Club Network." Brad is now a cast member of "John Report with Bob with Bob," a very popular sketch comedy show that is seen in Seattle on the CBS affiliate, KIRO 7 at 11:35 pm on Saturday evenings

Will perform at: Corporate, Festival, Private Party
Chris Alpine    Comedian:
What more needs to be said about this versatile comedian, actor, writer. Whether it's a comedy club, corporate function, private party or concert hall, Chris Alpine delivers laughs every time. Professional, adaptable, hysterical; everything you need in a performed to make your show a success.

Will perform at: College, Corporate, Festival, Private Party
Elliot Maxx    Comedian:
Elliot Maxx has delighted audiences nationally with his unique and refreshing blend of music and humor. As well as headlining at comedy clubs he's written several best-selling joke books and also shared the concert stage with such musical greats as Ray Charles, Tony Bennett, Dionne Warwick and the late Roy Orbison.

Will perform at: College, Corporate
Herb Dixon    Comedian:
Herb Dixon takes everyday life experiences and skews them into epic comedy extravaganzas It's the kind of material everybody can relate to - because it happen to us all every day in our lives. Only with Herb, it's always a lot funnier! A Comedy Sound Impressionist, Herb brings a 3rd dimension of totally realistic sound to his performances. Squealing tires, the sound of helicopter blades and even barking dogs punctuate his energetic story telling.

Will perform at: Corporate, Fair
Johnny Bagpipes    Comedian:
Johnny 'Bagpipes' Johnston shows the world what happens when rock & roll meets the pipes - hilarious comedy and a good time for all. The six foot five stand-up comic started playing the pipes 27 years ago.

Will perform at: Corporate, Private Party
Kermet Apio    Comedian:
I was born in July of 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii. My Mom and Dad (Arlene and Boyd) held me in their arms and came up with the name "Kermet" (after Kermet Johnson, a football player with the Miami Dolphins). That decision is probably the main reason I became a comedian.

Will perform at: College, Corporate, Private Party
Marty Putz    Comedian: Prop Comic
Marty Putz is one of the world's hottest and most popular exponents of bizarre and unusual comedy. Taking the label "prop comic" to new heights, he entertains his audiences with some of his inventions. Items like a game of human baseball and rodent projectile unit. Marty is one of the most requested comedians at clubs, colleges and corporate functions across the United States!

Will perform at: College, Corporate, Fair, Festival
Rod Long    Comedian:
If you've ever wondered why somebody doesn't import grizzly bears from Alaska to take care of the crack problem in New York City, you're the only other person on the planet whose mind works on the same channel as comedian Rod Long's. Long takes the power away from that which makes us nervous. Along with credits (winner of the Seattle International Comedy Competition, appearances on Showtime and the film Breaking In the comedian is also a nationally known photographer.

Will perform at: College, Corporate, Private Party
WILLIAMS & REE    Comedian:
The Indian and the White Guy, better known as WILLIAMS & REE, share a unique ability to make people laugh even if it comes from laughing at themselves - a trait which first drew them together in 1968. Bruce Williams and Terry Ree met a Black Hills State College in Spearfish, South Dakota where they were both majoring in draft dodging. The two ended up playing together in a band, working the bars and college parties. The band, with a repertoire of 10 or 12 songs needed help filling in the time, so Bruce and Terry jumped in with the ethnic jocularity. Soon their comedy became a bigger draw than the band and The Indian and the White Guy comedy team was born.

Will perform at: Corporate, Fair, Festival, Private Party
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