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Chris Biro's Exotic Birds    Animal Show: Bird
Colorful parrots and sixteenth century pirate costumes will capture the attention of children, adults and the local media. This presentation booth entertains and educates.

Will perform at: Fair, Festival, Private Party
Doggies of the Wild West    Animal Show: Dog
Gary Noel entertains young and old alike with his pooches from the prairie. "The Doggies of the Wild West," a comedy act direct from the Circle Y Ranch in the western plains of Kansas featuring top comedy canines performing exciting stunts. As seen on David Letterman and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

Will perform at: Corporate, Fair, Festival
Extreme Canines Show    Animal Show:
The Extreme Canines Show consists of four absolutely amazing canine athletes. From high flying disc catching aerobics to the most amazing tricks you've ever seen. You and your audience won't go home disappointed!

Will perform at: Corporate, Fair
Parrot Productions    Animal Show: Bird
Wendy Horton's tropical bird show provides an up-close and personal encounter with the most fascinating from the bird world. Your audience will become instantly intrigued by the beauty of the majestic macaws as they present incredible physical abilities as well as their vivacious personalities. The crowds just love to be entertained by the broad vocabulary and crazy antics of the world's largest parakeet!

Will perform at: Fair, Festival
Scott Peterson the Reptile Man    Animal Show: Reptile
Scott Peterson, zoologist and educator, presents a 50 minute program that will teach your students about the importance of all animals in the balance of nature.

Will perform at: Corporate, Fair, Festival, School (K-6)
Valentine's Performing Pigs    Animal Show: Pig
Priscilla Valentine's world renown performing pigs execute amazing feats on stage - including playing golf, soccer, bowling, baseball, jumping through hoops, "ham dunking" and even spelling words. This lighthearted, dazzling act is a top draw for all ages and have graced national television programs such as Donahue, The Today Show, Real TV and NBC Nightly News.

Will perform at: Corporate, Fair, Private Party, School (K-6)
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